• guess-what-i-love-you asked: As an aspiring photographer myself, I can only hope to achieve such wonderful things as you are doing with your talent, The Nu Project has inspired me so much and I want to create something as brilliant as that one day, thank you.
  • Answer:

    Be relentless and you’ll probably make something even better :)

  • xmisshorrorx asked: Your blog is beautiful! At 25 with a 4 year old with autism and currently a recovering addict (5 months 3 days clean) my life is finally back on track however I never thought I should be photographed considering I've put on 27lbs since recovery started. Life has new crazy for me but your blog shined bright. Thanks for showing me the beauty in all different shapes and sizes.
  • Answer:

    Thank you! You should be photographed. All the fucking time, in fact.

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