Love Letter to My Body

On the Nu Project Blog | Love Letter to My Body |

By Melody Kiersz

This letter originally appeared on Naked Wellness’ blog - view the original post.


Dearest darling body of mine,

I love you. Before, during and after I say anything else. And I will always love you.

I’m sorry I treat you like shit sometimes. I’m sorry that I rail at you for not working the way I “think” you should, for not supporting me the way I want you to support me.

The truth is, whatever I do unto you is what you give back to me and I haven’t been very supportive of you lately.

I got busy and set you aside, prioritizing other projects before your well-being.

I haven’t been giving you the exercise you need to stay strong and flexible. No wonder our knees hurt and our energy level dwindles at the smallest amount of physical effort.

Instead of giving you what you need to support me, I’ve been complaining and getting frustrated with you. I haven’t been listening to you very much, and perhaps this has developed into minor a lack of trust.

I’m so sorry.

It starts with me. I cannot blame you when it’s my responsibility.

I love you. But I haven’t been treating you like it.

I’m so incredibly in awe of everything you do for me every day. It’s truly jaw-droppingly amazing.

Without me even thinking about it, you master my heartbeat, my digestion, my breathing. You protect me from disease without my even being aware of it. All those tiny and significant cellular processes I know nothing about.

You take care of them for me, leaving me free to focus on other things.

Thank you.

Thank you for taking me wherever I need to be.

Thank you for Breath, which is quite literally inspiring.

Thank you for being a home, tethering me to this beautiful planet. For the amazing learning tool you are, the interface between my spirit and my ego.

For being the screen on which my emotions are projected… Wow! How could I embark on this exploration of my self without you??

Wow! What a ride! The ups and downs would certainly not be the same without you. Despite my complaints when I feel uncomfortable, it’s because of you that I get to enjoy what it feels like to be thrilled and scared, to be happy and sad, to be angry… So amazing all the things you do!

You are such a great mirror of what’s going on inside me! You always show me how deeply I trust.

You are so honest with me, and I’m so grateful for that.

Thank you for having such a strong voice when it comes to my physical safety. You are so good at keeping me safe from harm.

Thank you for always having my back. Literally and figuratively.

Thank you for being the canvas on which I create outfits with so much glee. It’s so fun to dress you up, change hairstyles, or even makeup and see the results. What a chameleon you are! The best toy to play with and you come wherever I go.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such an amazing source of pleasure. It’s such a reward to be able to focus on how you feel at each moment, dropping into the present and finding how to be with that.

I love noticing how our skin and muscles feel like when we move, when we stay still… stretching, contracting, relaxing.

The spectacular joy of dance! I could never have that without you. Thank you for the freedom to express myself through movement. How did I get so lucky??

Thank you for housing the mechanisms for my senses. How delightful to be able to enjoy all of them! How amazing that I get to see the quiet of sunrise, hear the beauty of song, taste the symphony of food, touch the scent of skin, smell the sensation of a fragrant flower as it makes its way inside me.

You make love to me every day.

And I vow to make love to you too.

By feeding you right, exercising you right and appreciating you every day by providing you with more and more pleasure.

You are so incredibly beautiful, inside and out.

Your glowing skin, the softness of your curves… The heaviness of your breasts. The roundness of your belly, the cuteness of your pinky toes. The gentle slopes of your feet and collarbones. The fullness of your lips. The strength in the planes of your back and the power in your glutes.

My thighs.


My thighs.

Your softness… How I rail against it and yet, when I can step out of the ideas of how I feel our thighs should look… They are beautiful just as they are. Cushiony, inviting and full of the juice of life. How could I despise that???

Thank you for being the interface through which I can give and receive expressions of Love. Hugs, cuddles, smiles, touches filled to the brim with caring!

What a gift!

Dear body, you are magnificent.

I could go on and on and on extolling your virtues. Pretty much forever because you are so complex and awe-inspiring. I could write an ode to each part and aspect of you, going deeper and deeper and finding more reasons to lose my breath over your awesomeness.

But I’m going to stop here because the most important thing is for you to know that I love you just as you are, even when I forget to show it.

Even when I’m frustrated with you.

Even when I’m picking a fight.

I love you. And I trust you. It feels good to say that.

It feels true and I’m happy that is so.

And I will do my best to remind myself of this little humongous fact.

Thank you. From the bottom of our heart.

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